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Voice overs

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Ecomm stores

Email marketing

There’s A Simple System To Closing 100% Of Your Prospects Using This New Tech Of Business Proposals. But What Was Simple Can Now Be Done Thousands Of Times Over And Over Again.

What Used To Take Our Customers 10 Minutes To Do For One Prospect You Can Now Do For 200 In Less Than A Minute!

Now… like MOST business owners, freelancers & agencies… you too would have started using the NEXT BEST THING To Meeting In-Person – Video Calls over Skype, Zoom etc.

The BIGGEST PROBLEMS with using Skype & Zoom calls to SEAL the DEAL are…

They are unprofessional… because they are again followed by BORING & OUTDATED Contracts via “As Discussed Over Skype/Zoom Call…” Emails…

Recordings are available only for a specific duration… after which – “the meeting never happened”, “that was never agreed upon” etc.

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VidProposals 2.0

Where have you been all my life? Business in the front party in the back. Clean, basic, simple, complete. It's the "bomb"!

Love the innovation. Much needed in today's day and age. Excited to see what the platform can do for me.

David Hutson

Desiree Bolin

The Good News IS…

We have managed to kill 2 birds with one stone… and improved upon our solution that SOLVES both these problems…

We have combined VIDEO & WRITTEN PROPOSALS/CONTRACTS into Something NEW and EPIC & then made it EVEN BETTER… so that you…