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…it’s something that EVERYONE else is doing too. 


So much competition right?


What if you stumbled upon something from the future that many businesses need right now and you could sell it to them for whatever price you want, since no one else is doing it…


Video Proposal services is the strategy from the future that is growing faster each month since we all stopped meeting in person. 


People are looking for a personal connection, but let’s be honest, no one is asking for another Zoom meeting.

Privately hosted videos are better than being interrupted by YouTube Ads.

One, clear, organized document with everything your client wants to share is much better.

The best is that our Secure E-Signature Technology makes sure your clients get paid.

Bringing a new, proven business method like video proposals to your clients will definitely get you that all important first meeting with your prospect. You can guarantee your landing them as a client with the right business tools in your toolbox. These tools will prove to your prospects that you are a true professional and someone trustworthy and easy to work with. Then you will constantly land those high-paying clients.

With This Essential Upgrade to VidProposals, You’re Getting…


Get a fully branded business website to help sell your services set up 100% for you. We will customize this with your logo and branding allowing you to appear like a true professional. An authority business that any client can feel safe buying from.

FE Reseller Rights


People will see just how powerful and easy to use VidProposals is when they interact with your video proposals.

And without a doubt, they are going to ask you how you do it. When they do, you simply send them your affiliate link and you’ll keep 100% of the sale of the front end.



Make it easy for clients to want to do business with you by having the ability to sell your services from your website. You’ll get a custom eCommerce checkout integration to allow clients to buy over and over without any invoicing or negotiating with you. Set specific prices for any service you offer and showcase it on your site.


$297 Value


Showcase the videos and proposals you’ve made using VidProposals so clients know exactly what they’re getting and how much money your services can unlock for their businesses. Add examples of creatives, templates and more to attract and convert high-paying clients.



Turn yourself into a trusted authority by showing client testimonials about you right on your site. The VidProposals Business website makes it easy to drag/drop testimonials where you need them for high conversions.

Plus, for the rest of today, we’re offering...





Give away these free reports and lead magnets to your potential clients to build trust and land them as full-time clients

Go ahead now, and secure your special access to VidProposals Business now. Press the “Buy Now” button and we’ll see you in the VIP members area of VidProposals Business.



Last 100 31 Copies Left & Selling Fast!
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  • ONLY TODAY: DFY Lead Magnets 


  • DFY Business Website


  • Custom PayPal Checkout Integration


  • All Website Pages Created with Content


  • Add Featured Samples of Business Services Offered


  • Add Business Clients Testimonial





  • Fast Action Bonus: DFY Consultancy Pack


  • Fast Action Bonus: PriceWars


  • Fast Action Bonus: LocalUpsell


Normally $497


Last 100 31 Copies Left & Selling Fast!


Bonus 1:


DFY Consultancy Pack


Choosing the right identity for your company or product is one of the most important elements of a successful business. Your logo is the face of your company. Our KV Social designers created 3 personalized, unique and creative logos that will guarantee the easy recognition of your business online and offline.

Bonus 2:




If I ever sell to local businesses, I have 3 different pricing models I use. In this video, I walk you through what model to use, when and why! Really useful 9 minute video if you are looking to help offline businesses make more money by improving their offerings.

Bonus 3:




Ever wondered how much effort you need to put in to get your foot through the door, with a local business? Or how you can upsell them to another service (and what that service should be?) In this to-the-point training, we answer all these questions and help you chart a successful path for your business.

Try VidProposals Business Completely Risk-Free


We are backing VidProposals Business as the most user-friendly webinar platform because we have used it ourselves and have seen the results.


But we want to be 100% fair with you. So, we are going to ask you to ONLY give VidProposals Business a try for 14 days. Create a few proposals, offer to create a proposal for a client, and make some profits.


And if at any time during this period, you feel that VidProposals Business doesn’t meet your expectations somehow…


… just drop us a message at the Support Desk and get your full refund processed instantly.


P.S. And yes, you get to keep all the money you would have made this far.

Step 1: COMPLETED     Step 2: Customize Your VidProposals     Step 3: Access VidProposals

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By making a purchase on this website, you agree to abide by all our policies and will not be misusing our product(s) for any wrongful purposes.

Succeeding in the business world now takes something organized and fresh. It takes something that creates clarity, not confusion. VidProposals offers all of that and more.


And right now, no one is offering these types of services.


This field is wide open. 

Using the VidProposals Business kit, you can set up your brand new, one and only video proposal services business in minutes…


…and begin selling your video proposal services tolocal and online businesses so they can grow their business in whatever niche they are in, and you can charge them hundreds of dollars for doing that and they will happily pay you for it.


Millions of people have moved their businesses online or just prefer to still not meet in person. The online business world continues to grow and grow. 


Isn't it time you tapped into this growing audience?

The VidProposal Business upgrade helps you cut out the technical mumbo-jumbo and makes it significantly easier for you to turn leads into clients and give them what they need to succeed.


Today, hundreds if not thousands of businesses are going to need a signed contract to move their business forward. 


With the VidProposal Business 


upgrade you can help them do that safely, securely and most importantly: successfully.

Your clients can be that next business that earns thousands each month (or week!) because you invested in the VidProposal Business upgrade. 


You see, VidProposals, alone, is just an app to make it possible for you to create your business proposals and get you started on the road to success. 


We made that possible by including our Commercial License.

But if you want to jump to the front of the line, and really make money as soon as humanly possible, you’ll still need a professional business website. 


Not to mention tons of DFY content and more to actually sell this as a service to your clients and also use it for yourself.


And that’s exactly what the VidProposal Business upgrade gives you.

You have the skills to make your clients shine, with your top quality video proposals that make them look good. Which, in turn, makes you look good to them.


Of course to look the part, you need a professional website. It needs to be full of all the features that make it clear to your clients that you mean business. 


We are including all the pieces that will help you land those clients faster than trying to do it all on your own. As a result your business will grow faster than you thought possible.


With this indispensable business upgrade to VidProposals you don’t have to worry about how you will start. Because we give you everything you need to get a running start.

Most businesses want to get their contracts signed, safely and securely, but don’t know how to get it done. They ask clients to print out contracts, sign them, scan them and email them back.


What a mess.


They really don’t know how to accomplish this important task reliably.