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When You Make Your VidProposals DELUXE

Creating A PERFECT Proposal Is Both An Art And A Science

Creating an effective proposal involves more than simply designing something that “looks cool”.


To close the sale and get them to sign on the dotted line…your proposals need:

Killer Content i.e. Killer headlines and subheadings followed by relative sections focussing on features, benefits, competitors etc that your offer includes. 

Quality Videos You don’t want to claim to be a quality company and offer a video with poor overall quality.

The Perfect Flow If your proposal is ‘jumpy’, it will confuse your prospects and negatively impact your sales. Your proposal must have a smooth flow to it…literally walking your prospects through the proposal.

The Right Feel The color combinations, the font size, the font color and tens of other things combined create the ‘urge to sign’.

So in short – to nail all of this you need to be a…

…all rolled into one.


Are you a 4-in-1 business owner with marketing, design, copywriting, and videography skills? 


As well as a lot of time on your hands?


I know I’m not, so I've built a team around me to create these templates for me, and if you want - for you as well!


And that's what I want to extend to you a fraction of the price it would cost you to hire these four people yourself!

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Here's the thing - your VidProposals Commercial already has 24 ready-made templates to get you started.


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With these templates, you will have more than enough ready-made templates in place to service the need of ANY client that comes your way or any niche you wish to expand into.


Even if you don't offer video proposal services - imagine a friend or an ex-colleague (from your old 9-5 job) telling you about his interest and what he wants to sell.

Imagine picking up easy paychecks, week after week, for just using one of the DFY templates we provide to you.

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Businesses – both online and offline – are desperate for such services and are willing to pay BIG bucks. Take a look…

Imagine the kind of profits you can make by simply using the templates we create for you…adding your client’s information and contract details and….BAMM!! That’s it.

This will be the easiest money you are ever going to 


And think about this - research, creating copy, scripting and shooting the video and designing 
each template costs about $500, even on a tight budget.


Doing 100 of these, and delivering them to you will cost us…$5,000 easily
But we are happy to let these go at a fraction of the cost because we are so excited to have you in 
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Use the templates to create a few proposals, and even make some profits.

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 P.S. And yes, you get to keep all the money you would have made this far.

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